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The JECC has created a curriculum called jPrayer that offers teaching ideas, ways to integrate Hebrew Through Movement, and decoding practice, all using a "sound-to-print" learning model. Feel free to check it out here:

These curricula offers ideas for teaching prayers using a rubric of the "Seven S's: Structure, Story, Spiritual, Sing, Skim & Find, Say, Services" Teachers will find a variety of learning activities. [This was incorporated into the jPrayer curricula, noted above.]

100 Blessings a Day - Short Youtube clip which helps make ua appreciative of what we have & encourage us to bless G-d for granting it. -
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In an effort to develop a conversation and greater collaboration on the topic of Tefilla in Jewish schools, Marc Rosenberg launched the following blog under an initiative the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora. DavenSpot aims to create a platform for educators who are instigating dynamic energy to school prayer. The blog's goal is to develop successful strategies on how to teach people to daven and share methods to evaluate our progress as educators. Many of the themes and topics have been raised in previous Lookjed posts but Marc hopes that this blog will be serve as a collection point for inspirational triggers and pedagogical approaches. Input and comments are welcome.
Marc Rosenberg

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DavenSpot - New blog on school prayer

Hoffman, Jeff and Andrea Cohen-Keiner. Karov L’chol Korav, For All Who Call: A Manual for Enhancing the Teaching of Prayer (by Jeff Hoffman and ), Melton Research Center for Jewish Education.