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There are quite a few resources for teaching about Jewish prayer in a classroom, but it's not easy to find ideas for enhancing a school-based, synagogue or camp Jewish worship experience. This wiki has been designed to enable such sharing among educators, rabbis, lay leaders, song leaders, camp staff and others. The target population is children and teens, up to age 18.

Those who wish to contribute an idea must first JOIN the wiki (but if you're not a "joiner" you can feel free to send your idea for posting to nmoskowitz@jecc.org - she'll get it up for you!). If you'd like to join, you'll find a link in the left column that will enable you to request membership. If you provide your email address, you will be automatically notified when your membership has been approved; otherwise, check back later on the site. It would be great if you "signed in" on the "WHO'S HERE?" page (also in the left column); that way others can figure out how to contact you if they have questions or direct comments.

To access a page to which you'd like to add an idea, click on the corresponding link in the left column. Then, click EDIT on the top right side of the page. You'll be able to type directly onto the page, add a hyperlink or file that you upload to the wiki. Please remember that we are looking for ideas to use when davening, not in a classroom. For early examples of wiki-contributions, see the Amidah page: Avot V'Imahot.

Feel free to also add comments about the postings of others, or offer feedback after you have tried an idea. To do this, click on the DISCUSSION TAB at the top of the page. You'll find a way to start a new discussion thread, or respond to that of others.

Make sure you click on the NOTIFY ME tab at the top of the HOME page - there's a way to track all the changes to this wiki, which will also keep you coming back to check for updates and new ideas.
If you feel there should be another page in this wiki, you may add a page to the wiki if you are a member - click NEW PAGE at the top of the left column and follow the directions. The pages have a number in front of them to force them to be in prayer-service order.

The Jewish educators behind this wiki (members of The Hebrew Project) are hoping that with a rich set of resources, we will find ways to enage young Jews in Jewish prayer and worship in more meaningful ways.

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The Hebrew Project's Members:
Michelle Shapiro Abraham, Temple Sholom, Scotch Plains, NJ educator@sholomnj.org
Dr. Isa Aron, HUC-JIR aron@usc.edu (organizer)
Mindy Davids, Temple Shaaray Tefila, New York, NY mdavids@tstnyc.org
Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, CA rabbi.greninger@gmail.com
Rabbi (and Dr.) Amy Walk Katz, Temple Beth El, Springfield, MA. amywkatz@alum.barnard.edu
Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz. Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, nmoskowitz@jecc.org (organizer)
[With a few others, too!]

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